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Oct 12, 2012 4:00pm EDT
anything about how the mythical mitt romney budget gives everyone 20% tax cuts without the government losing massive amounts in revenue? did we have that explained last night? >> no, no we didn't. and martha raddatz would have given congressman ryan all the time in the world to get into the numbers and to get wonky. >> john, i don't want to go wonky on you but why didn't he explain that? >> you know, well, here is the thing. it's getting to what i was about to say. mitt romney doesn't have -- hasn't spelled out any specifics, hasn't put them out on the table as to how he's going to go about this 20% tax cut. meanwhile, paul ryan has a whole lot of specifics on the table, and what you had last night, i think, is a paul ryan basically denying himself. for him to answer the questions the way we wanted him to answer them would be for him to talk about the facts as he knows them, as he's put in his budgets in the path to prosperity and road map to america's future but that's not where the top of the ticket is. that's not where mitt romney is. so poor paul ryan. he was stuck between a rock
Oct 8, 2012 1:00pm PDT
about libya? >> in the libya i'll support the libyan people's efforts to forge a lasting government that represents all of them, and i'll vigorously pursue the terrorists who attacked our consulate in benghazi and killed our fellow americans. >> okay. now that he's both favored and deposed intervention in libya, he'll defiantly claim his position is exactly the same as the president. great. how about iran? >> i'll put the leaders of iran on notice that the united states and our friends and allies will prevent them from acquiring nuclear weapons capability. >> i wish someone would ask how that's different from the president. oh, wait, someone did. >> what is your red line with iran? >> well, my red line is iran may not have a nuclear weapon. >> president obama said exactly the same thing. he said it's unacceptable for iran to have a nuclear weapon. so your red line is the same as his. >> so that's the same. okay. surely there's a difference on israel and the palestinians. >> i'm recommit america to the goal of a democratic, prosperous palestinian state living side by side in peace and sec
Oct 10, 2012 4:00pm EDT
voucherize medicare and you know you want to vaporize most of the assistance government provides to people of low income. what does paul ryan say in response to those three? >> what i think he would probably say, vice president, i think you're being disingenuous because people watching the program, people at or near retirement, you're fine. the unfortunate truth is that social security is going bankrupt, even the obama administration will even concede that social security is scheduled to go bankrupt in 2030 or so. so the question becomes, what do we do to fix it for my children and grandchildren? what i propose in my budget plan, which i'm not running away from, is to allow a system that privatizes the system only for a small portion of individuals if you want that situation. but if you don't, you can still continue with the same program. i think that's what congressman ryan needs to say. >> that's not what the bush proposal was in 2005 that paul ryan championshiped on capitol hill. it was privatization of social security. >> i remember the bill. >> if joe biden can't ram that down
Oct 9, 2012 4:00pm EDT
from jack kemp, one of his mentors. it's a particular philosophy of government, and he shouldn't bristle at the question because this is what he believes. this is the core of his view. >> to that point, ari, how do you think this individual, this paul ryan, is going to manage himself in the debate against mr. joe biden? >> that's the question and it goes to something you said earlier in the show, which is a lot of the answers that are tough and scary when you look at the real repercussions of the ryan budget, a lot of the answers are ideas that basically this campaign wants to push until after the election. i'm a little reminded of the villain in the new "batman" who says now is not the time for fear. that comes later. and that's the problem, and i think you're going to see joe biden come out and explain exactly what it means to cut a third out of medicaid, which is for elderly middle class families and, by the way, a lot of what medicaid goes to is families who have a child with disabilities and who wouldn't be near the poverty line but for that child. you want to cut that progr
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)